Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tasty Kitchen

Ok, so, I've become obsessed with this cooking website/blog/heaven/thing called Tasty Kitchen. Basically, anyone anywhere can put a recipe on this site, and people and rate it and review it, and it's awesome.

I currently have 8 tabs on my internet open of recipes from Tasty Kitchen that I want to make. And I just spent the last 30+ minutes looking at even more recipes specifically for a crock-pot.... Good thing it's almost the weekend.

I tried to make it simple so you could click on the picture and go to the recipe, but it did not want me to do that... but if you go to the website, just type in the name!

One of those recipes on my tab is for "The Yummiest Peach Cobbler". Not only does the recipe sound easy, but it looks dee-lish!

Another one is for "Quick Pickles". I love pickles and this just got me excited because I've kinda been wanting to make my own pickles, but without the jars and the canning and all the work. So this recipe was JUST up my alley.

The next one is "Chocolate Peanut Butter".... need I say more?

Ok, this one looks super easy AND it's perfect for the fall season that is upon us! "Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese"

This next one actually sounded a little complicated... but the picture looked SUPER yummy and heck, who knows? Maybe I'll attempt this for a special night! "Prociutto-wrapped Chicken Stuffed with Basil and Cheese".

Then I got on my little crock-pot kick and started looking up a bunch of recipes for the slow cooker. (for those days when I KNOW I won't want to do a single thing after work) This first one is "Crock-pot Spicy Chicken Soup". I like spicy, but I may need to tone it down a little for my husband...

Ok, this one.... this recipe, just has my name written all over it. It made me want to go to the store and grab all the ingredients and make it now! Who cares if it wouldn't be done until 9:30 tonight?? It sounds amazing!!!! "Crock-pot Buffalo Chicken Soup"!!!!!!

And the last one I have, and just because I've only recently realized just how much I love mac-n-cheese (I know, crazy, right?), is "Crock-pot Mac and Cheese".

Who doesn't love thick, creamy, hot, cheesy-perfection????

If this website is new to you... beware. You will find amazing things. And then you will promise to yourself that you will make all these amazing things at some point in your life for people, and they will "oooh" and "aaah" at your creations. And who knows, maybe you actually WILL make those amazing things and people will eat them up and love you for it. But until then, I haven't made it to the kitchen, I've just been stuck at my computer, addicted to this website.

Someone help me!

Mike?... Mike?...

He probably can't hear me because I'm whispering. I lost my voice.

Oh well. I'll just look up a few more until he comes around. : )

Check it out! And let me know if you ever make something from it, and I will too!

Searching and Cooking,

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