Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My creation!

I was all set and ready to make a peach ice cream smoothie, but only to remember there was no more vanilla ice cream. I didn't think mint chocolate chip or cookie dough would be very tasty with peaches, so I thought about going to the store- keyword, thought.

I decided to be bold. To be brave. To go where no one has gone before. To do the unthinkable. (not really at all... but fun to think so) I looked up some alternatives to making peach smoothies without ice cream, and then decided to just whip out my own lil' version.

In a blender, I started with some ice, then sliced up the peaches. (which was a good thing too, because they were beginning to get all kinds of soft and stuff...) Added the peaches, threw in a whole container of raspberries- 1. because I LOVE raspberries, and 2. because I was worried that later in the week they would end up looking somewhat like the peaches, with mold or something. Anyway, ice, peaches, raspberries, a splash of milk (my splash was very small, you probably could not tell I even added anything), a drizzle of honey, and then one of those personal, small sized yogurts from HEB that was peach flavored. (why not?!)

And what came out of this adventurous start was a yummy, fruity, refreshing peach/raspberry smoothie!

Pretty, huh?

Oh yeah! It was tasty!

Lisa's Peach-Rasp Smoothie
some ice, maybe 2 cups? maybe more...
2 peaches
a small container of raspberries
a splash of milk
a drizzle of honey for about 3-4 seconds
a small container of peach yogurt

I know, I think writing and creating recipes is my gift. Enjoy!

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