Friday, December 28, 2012

San Antonio Christmas

I'm almost to the end of my 1st week of Christmas break. Should I feel guilty that I spent most of today on my bed with a little heater going so I could stay warm all day? naaaaah. I mean, I did crochet, read, make a grocery list, and write a couple of thank-yous...

Mike and I spent a couple of days down in good ol' San Antonio. The entire familia was under 1 roof, which was a little crazy, but we managed just fine. Only 1 casualty, my mom falling over and then my dad (jokingly) falling beside her, creating an odd, but somewhat sweet moment.

All us "kids" laughed a lot while going through old pictures, and ooooh-ing and aaaawww-ing at how cute we all were when we were little. I even found a little booklet that talked about my first couple of days after being born, which was an interesting read and I will spare you those details because it was awkward to read out loud and we all ended up laughing so hard because it was so awkward. Yeaaaaah, good times.

Of course, Christmas Eve would not be complete in our household without the following:

It simply must be done. No questions asked.

I would just like to say I'm preeettyyyyy sure that was the first picture he actually smiled normal in. Ethan, not my brother. ; )

 Now, other than finishing crocheting a scarf for my niece, I need a project. One that is of the cleaning/organizing sort.  However, I pretty much cleaned everything in the house before we left, so that's taken care of... maybe I'll work on our guest room closet...

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!