Friday, September 30, 2011

Death by French Fries

What is one thing that you could eat every day for the rest of your life? That even if it is completely bad for you, it wouldn't matter, because this is just a hypothetical question anyway!

Would it be ice cream?

What about chicken fried steak?

Mac and cheese?


I would most definitely say mine is french fries in any form and fashion. I've realized over the last year or 2 how much I really do in fact, love french fries. When I order them at a restaurant, I really don't want to share them with people, but I will if I must... and for some strange reason, no matter how full I'll get, if there are fries left on the plate, they. will. get. eaten.

It's really a strange phenomenon. nom, nom, nom...

Curly fries are definitely a top pick as well as potato wedges. I also go for the really crispy fries that are a little more cooked than the others and have a little brown tint to them. I like the texture and the crunch. However, I don't really care for crinkle-cut fries unless they are a little crispy on the edges. And none of that McDonald's crap. Those aren't even real potatoes anyway.

But one thing is for sure: I gotta, musta, needa, betta have my ketchup. And a lot of it. When fast food places only give you those 2 small ketchup packets, I'm like, "What the heck man? Don't you realize that will only get me through 5 fries??"

Which is why I have a ketchup packet stock-pile in the middle console in my car. Just sayin'. You never know when you might need some more ketchup.... except I should probably clean that out and start over because they might be a little old... but who will really notice, huh?

All I know is, french fries and ketchup are the best. And just know, that if you ask for one of my fries, I will share with you. only a little begrudgingly. Just kidding. But seriously.

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  1. I adore french fries too. Remember in Costa Rica we had them with mayo? I loved that! I dont do that anymore though! Honey mustard or ranch is my dip of choice. mmmmmmmm