Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Burger Time Machine

If you were to pass by this restaurant, what would your first reaction be? Yeah... me too. It was always,really?? How?...Why?? Does ANYONE desire to eat at a place called Burger Time Machine? This restaurant used to be called MGs, but it closed down. And then I think they changed the name to Burger Extra, or something weird and lame like that. And then, the name that beats all other names: Burger Time Machine.

Let's get one thing straight: I have made fun of this place every time I have passed by it. The name alone opens all doors for laughing. Burger Time Machine... think about it. Outside written on the window it has things like BYOB, No frozen meat or fries, Biggest burger in Denton.

So last night was craving a burger and fries. Mike and I thought about where we could go eat, and as we passed by this little gem, Mike jokingly said, "Let's go to Burger Time Machine!" Haha, funny thought. But I was really hungry and couldn't take the disappointment of eating a horrible burger and fries... especially from Burger Time Machine. I said no, but then of course Mike got it in his brain to actually eat there. So it was decided.

I cringed getting out of my car... actually feeling a little embarrassed that we were about to eat here. We were "greeted" by a worker standing outside smoking a cigarette. Awesome start BTM. We walk in and we are the only people in the place, a perfect sign that this restaurant is a winner. Sarcasm.

(those 2 people joined us later)

We decided that we would just "look at a menu" and decide whether or not this place was "eat-worthy". We walk in and as Mike is half-way through his sentence of "We just want to look at a menu", there is already a menu posted for all to see, and we get sucked into staying.

We sit down to a red and white picnic table-clothed booth and fill out our desired burger.

And we were joined by Michael J. Fox, I mean, Marty McFly.

Oh, and Sam was with us.

While we waited I had to use the restroom.

Not gonna lie... I was a little scared getting there.

So we waited for our burgers and fries. I kept telling Mike that I better not be disappointed. But he reminded me that I had no expectations so it was ok.

Finally we got our food!... it looked good.

AND... to my surprise, it actually tasted pretty good.

Mike and Sam thought the same thing.

So I must say it: Way to go Burger Time Machine. Although your decor was a little... weird. And although we had a scare being the only people in the place... And although you have BYOB on the outside of your windows... You weren't that bad. So no longer will I be able to judge away at BTM, but look at it and know that at one time, I ate there, and it wasn't bad.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It Pays to Run

So after the ice storm and arctic blast, 37 degrees was beginning to feel a little like spring... But today was a beautiful day! It is 72 and sunny!!!! I could actually sleep in shorts, wear a short sleeve shirt to school today, did not need to wear a sweater outside, And best of all, could go for a run!

I don't know about you, but running is a huge stress reliever for me. I love the sun shining on my face. I love listening to music and running to the beat. I love how I feel afterwards. But best of all, it pays.

The neighborhood I live in is not very big at all, so if I don't feel like venturing out into the trailor park across the street, I usually have to run the full neighborhood twice. But I don't mind. Every time I have gone out for a run, I come back with at least some change. So, of course you know now about my obsession for picking up change on the ground, so when I'm running it's no different.

Today I found 57 cents! And one was a shiny New Mexico quarter! I felt so accomplished. So rich! If I ran for 30 minutes every day I would make almost $4 a week!! And if I did that for a year, I could rake in $208! Not bad for some exercise. :D

Running and loving it,