Friday, May 27, 2011


This is Costa Rica. Near the enormous rainforest, Monteverde, it is the greenest place I have ever seen on the planet. Yes, I took this photo and no it is not photoshopped. :) I look at this picture, imagining myself sitting on a hill, basking in the glorious Costa Rica sun, and being completely at peace. Anything that has bothered me before is gone, I cannot see it because the mountains beauty completely overshadow it. Whatever has caused me anxiety and stress does not compare to the glory of the mountains and green hills. Those things that have caused me to be restless, can never surpass the surmountable peace and restoration the mountains provide.

The rest and peace that the Lord provides for us has amazing power. It has the power to be completely incomparable to whatever challenges we may be facing.


For some reason it is hard for us to just rest and be still and be silent. We are always trying to fill the "silence". It's really not silent anyway. There is no one in the house and I hear: the air conditioner, cars outside, an annoying fly buzzing around hitting the window, the keys on my keyboard tapping away... We find it awkward to sit in silence with a friend. I think we have lost the value of being still and waiting and resting.

Ok, imagine this. We have an awesome, amazing God in heaven, who WANTS us to find our rest in Him. Who WANTS us to be silent and listen to His voice. Who WANTS us to be still in His presence and take in His love and goodness. Who WANTS us to wait on Him and His perfect plan for our lives. He WANTS and DESIRES all these things! Yeah, pretty crazy, right? But pretty awesome.

We don't need to busy our lives with stress and worry and anxiety and things that just tear our souls apart. We have Someone who can give us rest, restoration, take our burdens and heavy loads, give us peace that surpasses any human understanding! He gives us the freedom to sit and be still in His presence. To completely embrace and receive His Spirit of peace.

Lord, may Your desires be my desires. May I find my rest and peace in You. Help me to be still and silent before you, to wait patiently for You. Amen.

Resting in Him,

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