Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eva & Ethan

So right after I graduated I got to spend 3 weeks with my adorable niece and nephew. What a blessing to be able to spend so much time with them; playing blocks, singing songs, changing diapers, cheering and encouraging Eva when she went "pee pee" or "poo poo" on the potty, acting like "big girl panties" are the greatest thing in the world... you get the drift.

Eva is 2 1/2 years old and full of life! She makes me laugh so hard that I cry and has the best smile and laugh.

GAH! Such a cutie!!!

Ethan is 6 months and just gets cuter and cuter! His precious little smile melts my heart! He was just beginning to crawl when I left.

Eva loves reading the Bible. I mean LOVES it. She will literally be flipping the pages in her Bible, stop at a picture, and tell me who is in the picture. For example, she was skimming through the pages, and no joke, she stopped and pointed out EXACTLY who Sarah, Lot, and Abraham were. Yeah, I know, right? Amazing!

^ in the words of Eva: "dats Peeder der" that's Peter there And what do you know, it is!

Ethan listens as Eva reads the Bible. He is a great listener.

Oh hi! Is this Cinderella? Hi it's Eva, how are you?

Oh hold, I have someone coming in on the other line.

Belle, I can't believe what Cinderella just said!

Eva loves getting into her mama's things. What can I say, she's pretty stylish. I mean really. Can I just brag about my sister's fashion sense for a minute? Whatever she touches turns to gold. We were in Ross one time and I passed by this shirt or something, and I thought to myself: Eh, it's not that cute. No joke, like 5 minutes later my sister walks by and picks it up and was like, "Oh this is so cute!" And you know what? For some reason, it definitely became a whole lot cuter... anyway, I like my sister's fashion and can say a huge THANK YOU because she gave 3 or 4 bags of her old clothes!!!

Ethan with his older cousin Kathryn.

Ethan fell asleep with a huge cracker crumb on his face. aaww.

Eva was looking for Jonah. And yes, she found him all by herself. :)

I love you Eva and Ethan!
Big kisses from your Tia Lisa!


  1. oh wow! this is seriously funny!! and great!! love it and love you!!! : )
    btw... gonna need those clothes back bc i dropped 20 lb this week!
    ha! i wish....

  2. These are my spectacular grandchildren. I am blessed!!!!!