Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to Texas!

So, many of ya'll already know that the ever-popular hamburger joint from the Pacific north-west has finally made its way to Texas.That's right people, In'n'Out is in business in this great state!

To celebrate me finishing up my student teaching and college, Mike, Natalie and I decided to venture out to this new In'n'Out. We had to drive to Allen, Tx, which is about 45-50 minutes from where we were in Denton. It was already pretty late, about 8 or so and I hadn't eaten since 1 that afternoon. We were all hungry.

We drive and drive and finally see the glorious, neon-glowing sign.... along with about 150 people standing in'n'out (haha) of that place, and about 100 cars in the drive way. I'm not joking. We made our turn to In'n'Out and we couldn't even turn into the parking
lot/drive thru because there were so many people there. The drive thru line went passed not 1, but 2 stop lights! It just kept going and going!!! People were literally eating on the sidewalk; and totally rubbing it in our faces. I yelled if I could have a fry... but they couldn't hear me... sigh.

So, hungry and with no hopes of ever going to In'n'Out that evening, we drove away and cried. Not really, just on the inside.

We passed by a Culver's on the way and decided that would be a good alternative.

Natalie liked it because they had sweet potato fries.

Mike was still disappointed it wasn't In'n'Out, but he survived.

And I was just so happy to have some food in my tummy, I ordered a double patty cheeseburger with sweet potato fries and ate it all!

We also got some frozen custard and that made us happy. :)

We will return to In'n'Out someday. And even if we have to wait in a long line, I know it is food I can trust and taste I can enjoy.

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