Monday, June 11, 2012

My Closet Project

When I first arrived at my school, Johnson, I noticed there were 2 closets in my room. Sweet! Lost of storage space for you know, useful stuff! That was what I had thought. However, upon opening one of the closets, I found this.

and this.

You literally cannot walk inside this closet! So I did what any good, sensible, 1st year teacher would do: I left it alone the entire year. I will say that I did ask the 2 previous music teachers at my school if they had any idea what was in there, and they said they didn't really want to mess with it.

I see.

So, I took it upon myself to clean this thing. To actually go through all the boxes and figure out just what the heck is in there. Maybe something I could actually use in the future! I had to know! I also just wanted more space to store things and peace of mind that the closet was clean!

And so I began the cleaning out process last Monday. My strategy was to empty the closet completely, and organize/trash from there.

Step 1. Making room to even get IN the closet.

Wow! There's actually a floor!

And this is all that stuff that was blocking the way.

Step 2. Get everything else out.

Oh goody! I get to go through all these terribly dusty, mostly trash, extremely dusty, old, did I mention dusty, boxes!

A teacher friend moved the shelves to make the most use out of the small space in there, which I was very thankful for. Because then it began to look like this.

Including fresh new labels on boxes! And dust free might I add! I not only scrubbed those lids, I scrubbed the floor, AND the walls. It was like one giant dust ball in there!

Eventually, it looked like this with everything in there.

Clean. Happy. Organized. Not dusty. Spacious. aaaah, it just makes me happy inside.

And now my room looks like this!

All those things ready to be donated, given to teachers, or thrown away. I'm very much looking forward to a clean music room again! It's funny though, when I am done with an organization project. I don't know if this is just me, but I love just looking at it, and staring at it, thinking about what it once looked like, and how much better it is now. How much brighter the sun looks. How much better food tastes, now that it's organized. I could stare at this for hours a long period of minutes.



Aaaaaaah. How lovely.

Completely satisfied,

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