Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome to Mrs. Nice's Music Room

Here are some pictures of my room at school. I am very blessed with a LOT of space, and ample instruments. I am even more blessed that my principal has let me purchase 12 guitars for my class that I will be able to teach to 5th grade this year! (With all the budget cuts going on, that is amazing!)

The students get to choose a different way to greet me every time they come into music. Not gonna lie, my favorite is the hug. :)

Right when you walk in you see our 'Composer of the Month', who is currently John Williams. This will alternate between 'Composer of the Month' and 'Mystery Instrument' where the students will become familiar with the different sounds and timbres of instruments and guess which one is posted. The purple posters are cross-curricular posters for music, explaining the music is a part of science, math, and even history. :) The last one with a big map say 'Music we know from around the world'. Here, I plan to show what countries or states different songs the students learn come from!

I have many xylophones and metallaphones!

The big shelving unit to the left contains all my other fun instruments. I chose to leave the doors permanently open for easy access, and so far, has proved beneficial! The one with the red curtain is for recorders.

The circle in the middle (which actually looks more like a mis-shaped egg) is for the kindergartners. They sit in a circle each time they come in.

All the other grades get the great privilege to sit on the risers.

Thanks for taking a look into my classroom! You should really come when it's filled with children's voice, that's the best. :)


  1. This is an awesome set up! I'm glad your year has started well.

  2. so fun! thanks for sharing through fb. i love that your name is Mrs. Nice. How fun is that!

  3. Lisa, Looks terrific! I feel so very proud to be the tia of a wonderful music educator.