Tuesday, June 14, 2011

9 days!

Wow. Where did the last 150 some-odd days go?? For serious! It's crunch time people!

Literally, right when I got into San Antonio last Friday it was cake day. I met my mom and brother at our first out of 4 cake shops. Let me tell ya, I prayed over these cake places: that one of them would have the right taste at the right price! Well, lo and behold, the last one of the day, when all hope feels lost, we walk into Lucy's Bake Shop. A complete Mexicano bake shop, and completely an answer to prayer! :)

Yesterday I spend about an hour and 1/2 in FedEx/Kinkos printing out things and cutting things. Thankfully, I had the giant cutter all to myself. But man, they need to play some music in that place! Don't they realize that people work better when they have music on? And who wants to print, and pack, and cut, and copy in silence? Not that silence is bad or anything... just needed some pep! My dad took me out to Freebirds and he got his first Freebird burrito. Yum!

Today my mom and I went to Travis Wholesale Flowersnear downtown SA. It has SO many things for decorating, not just flowers. Tons of ribbon, vases, decorating fabric, etc. Saw some really pretty flowers, but was a little overwhelmed. My mom doesn't know anything about flowers, so she was no help. I was on my own. So I started to make conversation with some customers who really looked like they knew what they were doing. Actually, by the look on my face, I think they realized that I was clueless in my flower search! I asked the first lady if the flowers I had in mind were good together and she said 'yes'. Score! We talked for a little bit. The second lady actually approached me. I was just standing there... looking at the flowers... thinking, and thinking. She showed me all kinds of flowers, which ones do best in heat, what looks good together. The flowers she had in her hands were gorgeous. She used to own her own flower shop and was actually making a flower arrangement for her brother's funeral. When she was about to leave, she said "Well, I don't normally do this, but if you get desperate, here's my card." Score!

Then we went to Taco Palenque- the restaurant that is catering the wedding. Apparently, they were remodeling outside, so we had the luxury of sitting on the patio with a fan blowing right in our face. Aahh, the high life. I got to practice some Spanish with a waiter, which was fun. The manager brought out a sample of all the food for me to try. And it was pretty delicioso!

Then off to Party City to get some extra desert plates and forks and napkins and such. I've only been in Party City once before, but it actually has some pretty good stuff. Who knew deciding what color plates and all that was such a chore?

Tomorrow we have more things on our to-do list, but it just feels so crazy that it's this week, and then BOOM! Next week it's happening! :D 9 days!!!!!!!! When we went to the florist and all the cake places, I had to preface everything with, "Yeah hi, I'm getting married the 23rd of June. -Yeah, in 11/9 days. -Yeah, can you make all that happen? Let's just say it's pretty amazing what places like that can do in 9 days!

And other than planning for one of the biggest days of my life, God has been blessing me with interviews for a job! Last week I had an interview in north Texas area, so I am awaiting there call back for a second interview, and last night I had a phone interview for right here in SA! To my dismay, I thought the interview didn't really go that well and I was a little upset about it all, thinking I had blown my chances here. But God is bigger than me sounding a little inept in an interview! I mean, really people! He made Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt and he pretty much was the worst speaker ever.

So after thinking that they would never call me back, wow. This morning, I was literally woken up to a phone call from Bryan for an interview on Thursday, and then when I got home from all the run-arounds, I have a message waiting for me saying they would like for me to come in for an interview tomorrow! San Antonio called me back!!!! Wow, thanks God! And what's even cooler? When Mike had just woken up yesterday he prayed that I would get an interview that day, and literally 20 minutes later, I was interviewing. That is one good, amazing God.

Between getting last minute wedding details complete and trying to find a job, it's been one exciting ride that's for sure. And I get to be on an amazing adventure with my best friend for the rest of my life!!!

Staying busy and counting down,

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