Saturday, October 27, 2012


So, I've kind of failed as a blogger recently. And I'm sorry. (and that sentence has been sitting there for about, ummm 2 weeks.)

In order to recap what's been going on lately, here are a few pictures!

School (obviously) started again! It's been a great 2nd year! Just finished up my first music program of the year with 3rd grade!

We celebrated Mike's birthday at Texas Roadhouse, where they sat us under some falling bugs... they eventually moved us (twice!) and had to bring Mike out a new steak because the bugs were falling on him and his food. I was in the clear! Just Mike's side of the table. We were laughing so hard!

We've also been going to the students' volleyball games in our youth group!

I went on our church's women's retreat. It was a great time!

My birthday came a little early this year and Mike got me a new camera! Really nice! I love it! (Oh yeah, and Mike shaved his head!)

We attempted to eat the biggest calzone I've ever seen in my life.

And of course have been enjoying snow cones at my favorite place in Bryan: JJ's!!! PS Get the mango with chili powder. MMMH! 

My new camera can do this fun thing! And my mom got me some pretty flowers. :)

Enjoying some Friday Night football!


My choir, Celebration Singers, performed at the Texas Reds festival! They did a great job!

We had quite the turnout!

We saw off some of our lil' "linklings" to Homecoming. :)

I'm still singing in our church choir.

All for the glory of the Lord!

Mike surprised me with a little pumpkin party! I carved my first pumpkin just a hair under my 25th birthday! I went the basic-face route since it was my first time.

Obviously my other sweet friends have had more practice...

They did an awesome job!


And a couple of weeks ago we saw some of our sweet middle and high schoolers get baptized. LOVE Y'ALL!

Hoping to be better at posting more frequently now that I've gotten all caught up! I think 25 is going to be a fantastic year! :)


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