Friday, December 16, 2011

1st Semester=done!

I can't believe how fast this first semester of teaching went by! Is that how it always is your first year? It feels like yesterday was my very first day and I was a hot mess because I felt like the kids could see right through me how scared I really was! Ha! How far I've come! (I think I hide it very well ;)

This first semester has met me with great success and many challenges along the way. Throw being a youth leader, joining the church choir, and allowing the Lord to help me be a good wife in there... it got a little crazy. But the Lord was/is/will be always faithful.

I have already put on 3 programs this year, each one unique and fun. And a plus: it's always good to hear positive feedback from parents and my principal of course! AND the kids loved it, so that's what really matters.

I've been blessed with a wonderful choir, Celebration Singers, who performed 5 different times this semester already! And once was on TV at 6:45 in the morning! How amazing they are to get up and sing!

I've been given the great challenge of trying to get the students up to speed where they need to be musically. This has been good for me, because I am always making sure there is a purpose in everything I do. But also can be frustrating when 2nd graders are doing the same thing as 5th graders at times... so far kinder and 1st are the only grades on track! I'm excited for them when they are 5th graders to see what they are able to accomplish musically! And maybe this is just me because I'm love music and I'm a nerd, but how cool is it that these kids can now literally read music?? (pretty cool if you ask me!)

I just started teaching the 5th graders how to play guitar, because let's get real, everyone who play guitar is cool. They LOVE it. I mean, those 5th graders are a difficult bunch, but some of them were just the sweetest things: "Mrs. Nice this was so much fun!" I'm asking my parents for a guitar this Christmas!" (your welcome parents!) "Thank you SO much Mrs. Nice for teaching us!" <--my personal favorite

I'm very excited to see what this next semester has in store for me and my students. I am so blessed to be at the school I am at, with the students I have, the staff, and amazing supportive parents. What a blessing from the Lord! And the Christmas blessing are overflowing! Literally!

That's not even it all unpacked/wrapped!

My personal favorite. She must see me with my water cup every day! Love it!

So for those of you who have been praying for me and this semester at school, thank you! I have been blessed to the extreme and more.

Joyfully teaching,


  1. So glad to hear your first semester of teaching accomplishment! Teaching is one of the toughest jobs and yet it is also the most rewarding job when you see your kids growing with the knowledge they received from you. Congratulations for the job well done!
    Merry Christmas! Enjoy your holiday break!

  2. I wish the music teacher at my school was as into music as you are. I feel like the kids don't learn anything in there. It's the same thing every day in his class... BOOORING! I wish our music teacher would let us TOUCH the instruments, much less PLAY them! :)