Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Big 2-4

So my birthday was on Sunday. Mike probably got so sick of me saying it, but it really didn't feel like my birthday! Maybe it's because there are so many new factors in life:

1. I'm married

2. I live in a new city

3. I have a new and busy job

4. I'm just getting older... (not really new, but kind of)

Regardless of it not feeling like my birthday, it definitely was. Mom and dad came into town which was nice. A new thing now that I don't live 5+ hours away! They came to church with us, and then we enjoyed some lunch over at Luigi's. I have to say, that restaurant has one of the best atmospheres in town. The inside is like a giant patio, and then there's a separate-ish kind of room that acts as an actual room. Plus, there's live music almost every day, which I love. Next time you are in town, we'll go to Luigi's. : )

Then for dinner we went over to Laurie and Erich's house for burgers! I had to open my gifts before dinner was even ready because I got an awesome fryer!!!!

We were going to need it to fry up the variety of amazing french fries set before us!

Regular cut, curly, spicy sweet potato, onion rings... the whole shabang! My family knows me well. : )

Oh, and of course the adorable card from my nephew and niece Ethan and Eva. LOVE 'EM!

You need lots of oil for these bad boys to crisp to perfection. A whole bottle+!

Got to get them just right!

Workin' those fries with some class!

Well, besides french fries, of course my night was full of entertainment from the little ones. Ethan is now walking around (for the most part) and is as adorable as ever.

I mean really though!!!! SO CUTE!

And Eva is just as spunky and crazy as ever.

I know it's a little fuzzy, but believe me, she's got some dance moves. : )

But she is still just as cute!!!

So proud of her new tennis shoes!

What a sweet picture of Eva and Pop!

And what would a Cleveland/Wimberly/Niswander get together be if there weren't any musica!

Ethan LOVES the drum.

So, with loving family around, (miss ya Ty!) it was overall a good birthday. I did manage to eat way to much and my night ended with me throwing up, but hey, your birthday only happens once a year!

Thank you for all your birthday thoughts and wishes!

Big grown-up 24 year old,



  1. Aww. Thanks for sharing the day's memories, Lisa! Wish I could have been there! The photos are great, especially of Eva and Ethan. Ohh, those two! Enjoy another great year of youth with that new fryer, but not too much - our brains are still forming! ;)

  2. Oh Lisa you did a beautiful job on this web-site. Thanks for sharing. My only question...where is your husband in this event? I can't wait until there is a day we will be able to meet. Hopefully at my daughter's wedding in August. Auntie Kathie

  3. Aunt Kathie, he was the one in charge of taking the pictures! :)