Thursday, October 20, 2011

Teeth of Wisdom

So yesterday Mike had his wisdom teeth removed. All four of them. I was sad I wasn't able to take him, or pick him up, but I was able to take a half-day and be with him, so I guess that was second best. : )

SMILE! : )

Unlike when I had my wisdom teeth pulled, his mouth is free from swollen-ness, he's not really in any pain, can talk normally, remembers (almost) everything from the surgery, and did I mention not really in pain?? He even still came to help at youth last night! Crazy man!

I was in a daze when I got mine removed. I remember somehow getting into the car, then I woke up in my bed to my 2 best friends Amy and Natalie greeting me, I think with ice cream. And my mouth is just bloody, and drool is everywhere.

Pretty sure they tried to give me some water and it just went down my whole face and body because my mouth was still numb.

It was one of my shining moments in life.

However, I was quite a fool and the following day went jet skiing. I thought, "I'm not in that much pain, I can handle it!" Pain did come and the next day I was resenting that decision.

But enough about me, it's Mike's teeth that got pulled. We had already stocked up on jello, pudding, apple sauce, ice cream, and some frozen mashed potatoes, so that was good and ready to go! I did somehow manage to completely ruin the first batch of pudding because when it says "stir constantly", it really means it. And while burning chocolate pudding to the bottom of the pot, I managed to completely ruin the pot, so pot #3, down.

I really need to get some new pots and pans. I just keep putting it off. They are so expensive!

Well I felt horrible about ruining the easiest thing on earth to make. I thought that it might possibly be salvageable, but no. It still smelled like burnt marshmallow of all things, and it was super lumpy... my second batch was much better thanks to the constant stirring. : )

J-E-L-L-O It's aliiiiive! (Does anyone else remember those commercials??)

Mike thinking "well I guess this is my life now..."

"I'm so excited about this pudding!"

"I think I'll eat more jello."

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