Monday, January 17, 2011

I Need a Craft

I wouldn't deem myself the "super-creative-type", but I would say that sometimes I can get a little creative kick in me. I do have some amazingly creative friends though, and that is enough to inspire me to do something creative and crafty. So I've been looking at different craft blogs to get some ideas and inspirations and I would say that I have seen some interesting things.

Some were a little strange... like a fingernail necklace. Ok, ew. And tacky. And just ew.

But some were actually really cool and seem to be easily achievable.

Like this faux wrought iron wall decor made from toilet paper rolls!

Or these photo negative lamps.

Or these cute little pocket notebooks made from recycled paper and playing cards!

Or how about these super cute decal penny pendants!?

Or these square framed painted mirrors?

So I would say between all of these crafts, I can find something to keep me busy. My good friend Michelle also suggested to starch either fabric or paper designs to the wall to add some flair. I might try that out as well. :) (By the way you should check our Michelle and Miranda's really fun blog at

So I will let you know what crafts I end up creating. And on the plus side, being a "poor college student", most of these crafts are do-able under $10! So yay!

Until then, I hope you find something productive to do with your time. :)



  1. I really like the photo lamp! Very cool.

  2. I think your craft has always been to add a creative flare to everyday things. Like if there was a way to make that trashcan your own, among anything else in your sight, you would find out!

    And I do like that photo lamp!

  3. wait, you think the fingernail necklace is tacky? why? ;)

    you are far more creative then you ever give yourself credit for.

  4. thanks brother. I guess that is a good way to look at it.... because well, that's what I did one time with my trashcan. ;)

    and thanks mike. :)