Friday, January 21, 2011

Down in the Valley

So this week in my student teaching I had the pleasure of singing and playing the song "Down in the Valley" for 2nd grade. It's such a pretty song, and is just so peaceful. Down in the valley, valley so low... I first learned this song when I was taking guitar lessons way back in 9th grade with Mrs. Dyer. She is the sweetest lady. I'm so glad she taught me that song. It truly makes my heart happy. :)

Today one student came up to me afterwards and told me that her dad used to sing that to her when she went to bed before he went overseas with the Army. (So sweet!) One girl just looked and me while she was lining up and said "You're beautiful." And then today in one of the meetings I had to go to with my mentor teacher, the 2nd grade teachers said that their students could not stop talking about it. (I don't know if there is a job out there quite as rewarding as being a teacher, and to teach music!)

It's not just about the compliments... though those are nice. :) But about making some sort of impact in a student's life. If I can bring those happy memories back to a student who's dad is serving overseas, then that is so awesome. I would do that for free any day.

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  1. i like the picture, you look so natural... even though you kinda look like you walked in off the street as well. ;) got to love casual fridays.