Sunday, November 25, 2012

Friends, family, & hair.

Our Thanksgiving Break was kicked off on Tuesday when we met up with one of my best friends and her husband while they were in Texas for the holidays from Florida!

We met up in Bastrop, sort of half-way between us and Austin.

We went into Buc-ees since neither of them had been there before!

Ya know, just shoppin' around because it's humungous!

Don't mess with Texas magnets.

Of course Mike and I talked up their restrooms, because let's get real, they are awesome.

Sad to say goodbye, but happy to see them!

THEN... on Wednesday we had a belated birthday celebration for our oh-so-cute nephew. We had fondue and it was dee-lish!  Sorry my bro bro had to miss it because he was having car troubles. :(

Yeaaaaah this guy.

He's really into heavy machinery. 

Also loves reading books with Mi-ma.

And this lil' cutie enjoying Pop! Notice outfit #1 of the evening, including grass skirt.

Eva loves her Uncle Mike! And outfit #2 of the night. I'm pretty sure she squealed about this dress.


Just look at that face...

Love 'em both!

On Thanksgiving, we had lunch at our dear cousin's house in College Station.  We missed our Tia Kathy and Tio Dennis and cousin Roger! We love y'all!

I just really liked this picture.

This year we had NO spilt sweet potatoes! Success! 

And because we are just a little crazy and for no good reason, we decided to go Black Friday shopping. Which was weird to call it that because we actually went Thanksgiving evening. We stopped off at Michael's, which was AWESOME! Coupons and discounts and teacher discounts. And nobody there! Yeah, pretty sweet. And then we went to Target and only waited in line for 10 minutes to check out. Not bad! Not included in the picture is a fire-bowl that we don't really have a place for at the moment!... : )

AND to finish off the break, why not chop some hair off, huh?!

Our sweet friend Kim owns a salon and pretty much cuts everyone's hair at our church.

That head massage was a-mazing!

Really long I know! Longest I've ever had it!

Before the cut...

Snip, snip!

Good to go! Donating about 11 or so inches to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Kim working her magic!

She really does make everyone in our church look good! ; )

Almost done!

I think this haircut really brings out my cheek bones...


LOVE it! 

Before and after...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We have much to be thankful for. In everything, give thanks!!!!!


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