Friday, January 13, 2012

Back in action!

This week was somehow the fastest week ever!!!! This was our first "official" week back at school. And it went by quicker than the first week of school did! How does that happen?

It went by so fast in fact, that I accidentally kept a kinder class (the worst one, mind you) 7 minutes over! With my principal in the room! Ah! Whhyyyy??

But it was a great week. Just good to be back in a routine and get started on teaching these kiddos new things!

And one little boy peed his pants today in my class. And sadly, I had no sympathy for him. And let me explain why.

1. Since the very first day I met him he said "I need to go potty." Now, normally, I don't let anybody, and I mean anybodygo to the bathroom in my class. (Hey, I only see them for 50 minutes a week!) But this was the first week of school so I let him go. He stayed in there for a while, which was ridiculous, so I told his teacher, and she said, 'yeah. I wouldn't let him go to the bathroom in your class." Ok, that was that.

2. He still asks me "to go potty" about 3-5 times a class period. And this is after his teacher has told me specifically that he has already gone.

3. He doesn't follow directions, so that automatically makes me disinclined to let him go.

4. If you met him, you would understand.

Anyway, so he totally peed his pants... and he will still not be able to use the restroom in my class. (I know, I'm that cruel.)

Sorry, I just needed to share that story with you.

How has 2012 been treating you so far? :)



  1. Thanks for sharing! Totally understand about not feeling bad about that. Some kids...

  2. Yeah... I'm a teacher too... of kids a year younger that Kinder... and I don't feel bad for them when they pee their pants. or POOP their pants.. especially when they know better. It's called HOLDING it! haha!