Saturday, April 16, 2011

Earth Day Concert

This past Thursday I had the awesomely-fun opportunity to help out with Nelson Elementary's Earth Day Choir Concert. I had already been with these sweet kiddos for about 10 weeks student teaching, and I'd really missed them. When I came to the rehearsal on Wednesday, they all freaked out and gave me a big "HI MS. CLEVELAND!!!!!" So cute.

I've only been gone for about a month now, but they sounded SO great. They have such a sweet, beautiful tone that just melts your heart and makes you want to cry!

Here was the line-up:

Big, Big World Super cute, fun, upbeat song with cute motions.

When I Close My Eyes Such a sweet song in their voices. Made me want to cry!

The Lion Sleeps Tonight Classic. I got to play the guitar!

I had to really concentrate.

Marienwurmchen It's German for "ladybug". Lots of good and difficult solos on this one!

The Rainbow Connection Yes the one from the Muppets. SUPER cute!

One of the beautiful soloists. Such a cute voice!

Another soloist... she totally busted out some soul in her "soul-o"... haha yeah, cheesy. But I'm pretty sure she surprised even Mrs. Young when she started singing!

Land of the Silver Birch This is one I worked with them on and conducted! (I had a video... but it's not loading. :/ )

Googley Woogley EarthA cute rap written by one of the students. She was so proud of it. (By the way, pretty much everything at the elementary level is cute. It's like, an unspoken rule or something.)

Singabahambayo An awesome South African song... one of my faves!

We Are the World Of course, by the one and only, Michael Jackson. And of course, it was just precious having 65 kids up there singing "We are the world... we are the children..."

The Nelson Music Makers!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Apologies...

After only having student taught in middle for 2 weeks now, I feel an apology is in order to all my middle school teachers out there.

I'm so sorry for being crazy. For not listening to directions the first time and thinking that my conversations with my friends were more important. I'm sorry for cheating on quizzes and homework. I'm sorry for giving you attitude. I'm sorry for being weird and odd and hyper. I'm sorry for talking when I should have been listening or just being quiet. I'm sorry for thinking what you had to teach me was not important. I'm sorry for not working my hardest sometimes. I can see now that you had to be strict and "mean" to keep us under even a little bit of control. You worked so hard and seemed to still have a good attitude about everything despite us being so insane. To all of my middle school teachers, yes, even you Mr. George, I'm sorry.