Saturday, March 5, 2011

Food for thought

There are just some foods out there you never get tired of. The ones you could eat just about every day. Here are some of my favorite things to buy at the grocery store these days. :)

Start your morning off right with NEW Cinnamon Cheerios! I saw these in the store a few weeks ago and grabbed a box immediately. It was actually kind of funny because I was with Mike at the store when I got these and he didn't even notice when I grabbed them, so when we reached the check out, he had no idea where those Cheerio's came from! They are just SO good! Not too cinnamony, but just right. Perfectly crunchy and a great way to start your day! Go get some. Now!

If you are looking for a super tasty, but healthy snack, look no further. This hummus is. the. BOMB! They have several different flavors: Chipotle, Roasted Red Pepper, Pine Nuts and Olives, Garlic, and some other kinds I don't remember. I had to upgrade to the "Family Size" because I eat so much of it. I would bring this whole big thing with me to lunch and just munch on carrots or crackers with. This is seriously the best hummus out there.

This bean dip is. awesome. You can only get it at Trader Joe's. Which in my humble opinion makes it 10x better!That store is amazing! It has a little spice to it, and you don't feel guilty if you eat the entire container because it's fat free! :) And let's get real, who doesn't love black beans.

Sidenote--> So funny story about black beans: When I was in Bible School in Costa Rica, I ate a lot of black beans. And honestly, got a little sick of them. Anyway, they eat something called gallo pinto for breakfast which is basically black beans and rice. So I was just eating my gallo pinto, talking with my friends, laughing, eating, laughing some more... and then took a turn for the worse. I go upstairs to fix my hair and whatnot, when I look in the mirror and notice, to my horror, what looks a missing tooth in my mouth, when I realize it was a big ole' black bean stuck in my teeth!!!!! And no one told me!!!!! I was mortified. From then on, I usually always have to ask people if there is anything in my teeth after I eat. So please, if you see something in my teeth, tell me. I will do the same for you.

These little cheese pretzel sandwiches are so good!!!! I don't buy these that often because they actually are a little bit expensive, but they were just on sale, so I allowed myself to buy a bag. Trust me, they don't last long! They're like Ritz Cheese crackers, but better because it's a pretzel!

Ok, let's get real, who on this earth DOESN'T love those tasty, minty fresh, crispy, yummy, addicting Thin Mint cookies!!!! So good frozen AND I bet make a mean milkshake. :) ... I think I will do that.

Ok, THIS ice cream by Ben and Jerry's is sooooo good. It's like cookies and cream but a billion times better!!!!! I could seriously just eat this whole pint in 1 sitting. It has yummy cookie swirls, chocolate cookie swirls, and then chocolate chips and vanilla ice cream... oh my gosh. I almost finished it off today, but I saved some to enjoy for later.

Filling up fast,

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  1. I love the cinnamon cheerios, sabra hummus and thin mints. All sooooo amazing