Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Different Kind of Countdown

Only 9 days until Mike and I move form Denton, TX to Bryan, TX! I can't believe it's happening so soon! I think I just stopped looking at my calendar all together because there is nothing really going on! I'm as free as a bird! So then, when I actually do look at my wonderfully color-coded calendar, I am reminded just how little time we do have left here.

We are both trying to make the most of it; hanging out with friends, eating at places we like, going to places we've always wanted to... ya know, stuff like that. All the while living amongst boxes and boxes of wedding gifts that have yet to be used!! Such a tragedy! That is one big thing I can't wait for: to actually use all our wonderful wedding gifts!! I guess it will make packing up things here a little easier since most of it is already in boxes...

So for now, we are stuck just using the bare essentials. Enjoying the simple life with dinner on plastic at our coffee table so generously given to us by Miranda the great. :)

So with this move comes organization and cleanliness.... and if you know me, I love those 2 things. Also, comes a bigger kitchen, with more than 2 tiny cabinets and 4 tiny, oh so tiny drawers. Pool passes to several different pools in the city! Having things in a place and not in a box in the dining room where the table should be... A new job for both of us! (Still praying about what that job for Mike might be) Being able to eat at the Blue Baker whenever we want! Being closer to family all around! 5 minutes from my sister and her familia and only 3 hours away from my parents and brother as opposed to grueling 5 before.

And who wouldn't want to be closer to these little cuties???!!

She was so happy to have that ice cream cone. Actually, we were out celebrating Mike and I getting an apartment in Bryan, so I'm pretty sure she didn't care at all about the frozen yogurt. I think she was just super happy to have us near her... just sayin'. ;)

So Bryan, we will see you in just 9 days. Denton, we will be back to visit your weird old self, I promise.